We Rock At Building Software

We help clients from various industries solve problems and grow their businesses with made-to-order software solutions. And we help other software companies like ourselves.

To The Point

We Listen

Do you have a problem to solve, a need to fulfill in your organization, want to build an online service or a mobile app? Tell us about it and we will take care of it for you.

Our Approach

Here at Mint Rock we pride ourselves on working alongside our clients. We work continuously to build a solution according to your requirements. This means that we rely on our clients regular feedback to fine tune our work specifically to your needs. We understand that every business has to adapt to new circumstances, sometimes quite quickly, so we are happy to implement any changes as we go.


Our primary choice is Java. It's a proven, reliable and scalable platform chosen by small and large companies all over the world. We also use Objective-C in case of iOS devices.


Are you a software company yourself? We can help you by reinforcing your development team with our experienced engineers or finding the right people to do the job? You can also outsource your work to our friendly development teams located in East-Central Europe.

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